How Your Donations Help

Worldwide Cancer Research is a UK charity that funds pioneering research into any type of cancer anywhere in the world.

Because only research on a global scale can enhance our understanding of cancer and help us find and develop better, more effective treatments. Treatments personalised to the unique needs of the individual. Treatments you, your family or your family’s family may rely on in the future.

But research won’t happen without funding. And without research we will make no further progress in the fight against cancer. To realise our vision of no life cut short by cancer the research must never stop.

Money raised through Lasting Tributes to loved ones lost to cancer will fund some of the world’s most diverse and unexpected projects in some of the world’s best research institutions. You will be funding world-renowned specialists and the up and coming talent of tomorrow. You will be helping scientists around the world to gain a global perspective of how to stop this disease.

We take this global approach because the answers to cancer will not come from one scientist, in one lab, in one country. Research on a global scale will help us to find and develop better, more effective treatments. And because we’re worldwide, our research never sleeps; 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, around the world, we’re fighting cancer. Every minute counts and so does every donation.

An hour of research costs £24. A day of research costs £168. For every £24 your page raises we’ll be able to fund another hour of lifesaving cancer research. Research which could lead to the next breakthrough, which could allow people affected by cancer more time with their families.

What better tribute could there be to a loved one?