Help & FAQs

By setting-up a Lasting Tribute in-memory of your loved one you will be helping us to fund the world’s brightest and best cancer research scientists.

What is Lasting Tribute?
Lasting Tribute is an online space where you, your family and friends can remember and celebrate a loved one by sharing photos, videos, stories and messages.

All of your donations and fundraising can be added too; perhaps in lieu of flowers or in celebration of a special occasion.

Why create a Lasting Tribute page?
Creating a Lasting Tribute is a wonderful way to remember and commemorate the life of a loved one while helping to supporter our work.

Your page will allow us to support the best research into any type of cancer, anywhere in the world. Every year we receive lots of applications from scientists who critically need funding. With your support we’ll be able to say ‘yes’ to more brilliant ideas. Every idea has great potential, whether it is a new treatment, better diagnosis or a new method to prevent cancer – these ideas are life-saving. 

How do I get started?
It's easy to create your own Lasting Tribute. Simply create an account and follow the simple step-by-step process.  

Do I need to pay a fee to set-up my page?
Your Lasting Tribute is free to set up.

Do I need to set a fundraising target?
It's entirely up to you. Setting a target is optional.

How much of the money I raise will directly support Worldwide Cancer Research?
Every penny you donate will directly provide much-needed support to Worldwide Cancer Research.

Can I add Gift Aid to the donations?
Yes. Simply tick the Gift Aid box when you make your donation.
Can I add fundraising events to my page?
Yes. Simply click on ‘Create an event in memory’ and follow the step-by-step process.
Can I add donations I’ve collected to my page?
Absolutely. Simply make the donation yourself and mark it as a ‘Collection’. If you have any questions please get in touch with our Lasting Tribute Team.

How do I tell my friends and family about my Lasting Tribute page?
You can share your page through our Facebook, Twitter and email links on your fund page.

Can I donate to research into a specific country or type of cancer?
Worldwide Cancer Research are the leading UK charity funding research around the world into all types of cancer. Contact our Lasting Tribute Team to discuss how we can personalise your donations.

Can I change my page later?
Once your page has been created you can use the admin area to change your page information, and add photos and videos as often as you like.  You can also update your fundraising target and change your password or email address at any time.

What about security?
You will be using a secure connection to create your page and make donations - a password-protected account will be set up for you to make any changes.

Is there anyone I can talk to directly?
If you have any questions or what to chat through setting up your page, we can help. Get in touch by emailing or calling 0300 777 7910.