Joy 'Bubbles'

Joy was the epitome of the “grand British lady”

She was always beautifully dressed and elegantly accessorized.

Even though she had lived in Holland, Indonesia and eventually Oregon, Joy never lost her British Accent and always knew that the key to discussing any situation, began with a proper cup of tea. Quick witted, intelligent and attending to everything with her no-nonsense British stiff upper lip. Joy was forward thinking, an entrepreneur and successful business woman, she embraced global collaboration and freedom, and we know she would be pleased that we have chosen to support Worldwide Cancer Research. Please join us and the family in supporting the world’s brightest and best scientists, we hope to raise £168 to fund one day of cancer research


Total raised £95.00

Offline: £55.00

Target: £168.00

Latest donations

  • £5.00 Joys' Granddaughters

    Some last donations from the girls' bake sale