Ellen Lyons

Ellen Lyons – a wife, a daughter, a sister, a mum and a gran (make sure you get that right – never a granny, a nanna or a grandma!). She lived her life for her family and sharing the special moments with them. Birthdays, Christmases, Easter Sunday, New Year’s Day – not to mention Communions, Christenings and Anniversaries. These celebrations would never go by without a family dinner with 20 of us packed into her living room, plates on our knees laughing and joking – before heading back through for dessert and Glasgow’s finest Jaconelli’s ice cream which had just past the point of melting into Jaconelli’s soup… It seemed sometimes that her sole purpose was to see people happy. She spent her days taking care of the OAPs (three years her senior), visiting the sick (I swear the porters in every Glasgow hospital knew her by name), sticking ‘wee fivers’ in your hand for holidays (even when her grandchildren had reached their 30s). You being happy made her happy – she wanted for very little and gave an awful lot. Ellen loved a party and was first up for the slosh in her favourite outfit from her perfectly ordered wardrobe. Even more than a dance, she loved playing hostess. No one made toast and cheese quite like wee Nell, and her stew and roast beef were legendary – even if you had just returned to Glasgow from two weeks in Florida in the middle of July. Don’t forget the ‘pie paste (puff pastry to you and me!). Saturday mornings were for shopping, seeking out the bargains in Marks and Spencer, compeed for the wee lady across the close, soap tablets for washing her stairs and something for Jim’s tea. Of course, we had to stop for a ‘wee cuppy’ and half a cake – as well as the sneaky treacle toffee or chocolate éclair she’d bring along in her bag. This page is a way of remembering those special moments. The Saturday morning ‘cuppys’, the trips to Jaconellis, the birthdays, the Christmases – the moments that mattered to her. She would love to think that those ‘wee fivers’ would now go towards finding a way to stop this disease that stole her away from us too soon. Like Ellen, these donations may be little, but they make a difference to the lives of others – just as she did.


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Target: £500.00

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  • £10.00 Laura

    Walked by the Jimmies at Ferry Village today and thought of you and Gramps... x

  • £5.00 Laura

    Missed our wee cuppy yesterday, been thinking about you a lot this week. xxx

  • anon


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